RECRON Reliance Pillows

Company Pofile

Pillows from Recron® Certified are lighter, softer and more comfortable than any other pillow that you may find in the market. These pillows retain their freshness longer and are easily washable. Every day, millions of people have already begun waking up to Recron® Certified pillows across the country.

Recron® Certified Products have undergone the strictest tests to ensure durability, strength and easy-care standards. Uniquely engineered Recron® HBP fibre ensures that Recron® Certified Pillows remain fluffy after every use and maintain their resilience for years together. As a matter of fact, they are the only ‘certified’ comfort product available in the country. If you are in any way dissatisfied with these pillows due to any manufacturing defects, you are entitled to an immediate replacement. This is just another unique feature that can be offered only by Reliance. What is more, these Recron® Certified Pillows are available at a real ‘Value for money’ price tag.